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About Us

F​ounded in 2011 by a veterinarian in Arizona, who set out to answer one question, “How can we make pet food healthier, and more similar to human food? ” The Vet’s Kitchen is a small team of veterinary medical professionals, with one executive chef. Unhappy with the variety of ingredients in commercial pet food, we decided to challenge the current state of pet nutrition, and explored the best possible sources for pet food ingredients. ​

After years of collaboration with other veterinarians, local growers and producers and studying the pet food industry, the result is a line of high-quality fresh pet food. We use whole organic and natural ingredients in balanced meal plans. By formulating cutting-edge, nutritionally researched recipes together with a veterinary nutritionist, and constantly developing new, healthy and organic pet food recipes, we began our journey. What's healthy for us, is healthy for our dogs too. By using whole protein, fresh fruit and vegetables and all other natural ingredients that are high in essential fatty acids, vital live enzymes, antioxidants and friendly bacteria, we are providing optimum nutrition. This ensures optimal health and longevity for all our pets. 

For those pet parents that are pressed for time, or concerned about diving into creating an organic home-prepared diet headfirst, we set out to make it easier to provide excellent nutrition for our pets, without having to spend additional time preparing these meals. 

The Vet's Kitchen food is so good, your dog can't even wait for you to open the packaging!! 

Our Process

Receive & Process Your Order

Source Local Ingredients

Every diet is made to order, so you can rest assured that you're feeding your dog the freshest and highest quality meals. 
All of our ingredients are sourced locally and we only use protein suppliers that have allowed us to visit the facility and ensure the animals are well cared for. 

Create Custom Diet in Catering Kitchen

Pack & Ship Fresh to Your Door

Our food is created in a custom catering kitchen using solar power and natural gas and is prepared by a classically trained chef. Learn more about our team below. 
Our packaging is recyclable butcher paper or reusable plastics (no BPOA, of course), and our vacuum packs are made from cornstarch and entirely biodegradable. 

About the Vet 

Dr. Rory Lubold is a veterinarian with years of experience in emergency medicine. Dr. Lubold graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 2010 and pursued advanced training at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson. While at the Veterinary Specialty Center, Dr. Lubold developed an interest in clinical nutrition as it applies to treatment of medical conditions, and recovery from acute trauma.

This interest led to the development of recipes for custom meals to treat medical conditions. These recipes were originally used to entice picky eaters with kidney disease to beign eating and help their recovery. As patients began to improve with traditional treatments and a renewed interest in food, Dr. Lubold began working with a aboard-certified nutritionist to develop diets for a range of medical conditions. Dr. Lubold continues to practice as a clinician in emergency and specialty centers across the country, as well as having started and served as Medical Director at several specialty centers. It is with this background that he gained a vast experience in treating all different kinds of conditions with unique patients that have different dietary needs. The Vet's Kitchen was founded becuase Dr. Lubold believes that nutrition is the key to recovery, and maintaining health.